Early Bird Memberships- Around the Post

Elena Arnold posted 18 days ago

Around the Post- Indoor Pickleball Center 2660 Zuck Rd.

After many inquiries about memberships, Around the Post has decided to open early bird memberships!  This will allow interested players to sign up and reserve a spot as the number of members will be capped at 250 people.  

What does this mean for you as an EPPA member?

  • Around the Post annual membership will be $150
  • EPPA members will pay $125
  • If you sign up by March 31, 2023 (as an EPPA member)- you will pay $100

Non-EPPA member Early bird pricing will be $125.

This is a VERY generous deal for our EPPA members.  If you wait until after March 31, 2023- you will pay $125

What are the court fees?

  • $5 per hour per player (same as now)
  • Prime time, 5-9 pm Monday- Friday, will be $7 per player per hour

How does the early bird work?

  • Starting Monday, March 6th early bird registration will open
  • You can stop in or call Westwood and ask to reserve your spot starting Monday, March 6
  • Cash or check payment is required to reserve your spot- NO credit cards at this time 
  • If you are a snowbird who wants to join, you can call Westwood and then mail in a check
  • Early bird registration will close at the end of business day on Friday, March 31 (6pm)

Are you still a member of Westwood?

  • No. If you are a tennis member at Westwood, you may book Court 7 (the hybrid courts)
  • If you are a member of Around the Post, you will book the designated pickleball courts and ONLY play on Court 7 if there is overflow and those courts are open.
  • If you are a Westwood tennis member who wants to play pickleball at Around the Post, both memberships are required.

More information about hours, leagues, open play, clinics, tournaments will be coming!  This is an exciting addition to the Erie community and it’s sure to be a premier pickleball destination.