Website Refresher

Elena Arnold posted 7 months ago
With an influx of new members to EPPA, I wanted to remind everyone that our website is so much more than a website.  John Doe from off the street can visit our page to get information about pickleball in the Erie area, but our EPPA members have access to more: shootout discounts, free events, private posts.

To access content for members, you MUST be signed into your account.  This grants you access, just like signing into my Amazon account grants me access.  The biggest error for users is when you go to sign up for a tournament and/or an event and you are not signed in.  

How do you sign in?

To sign in, click "sign in" in the upper right hand corner of your mobile device OR at the bottom left toolbar on your computer (scroll all of the way down and you will see it). 

If you do not remember your username/password- click "Email Login Link", go directly to your email inbox, and open the email from Royal Pickleball.  This login link is the safest way to go, even if it takes one extra step.  This will take you to the EPPA site.  

If you want to save your email address and password rather than using the login link, click the box next to "Remember me" before you sign in.

Click on the EPPA logo once you are signed in (scroll down if you do not see it).

You then go the EVENTS tab, find the event, and register, or the SHOOTOUTS tab if it's time to register for a tournament.

If you ever need help navigating the site, please reach out to me (Elena) or Andre.  We can help.  Many of your friends who are EPPA members can also help!