Ribbon Cutting for Baldwin Park

Elena Arnold posted 4 months ago
Although we have been playing on the beautiful Baldwin courts all summer, today was special!  City employees came together with members from our EPPA community to officially dedicate the courts. 

It's hard to convince people who do not play pickleball how amazing pickleball is and how badly courts are needed.  It took a lot of hours of leg work to get these courts built.  There were times when EPPA board members started to feel like the project was not going to come to fruition.  Thankfully "Ex El Presidente", Bob Borgia never gave up hope. He sat in meetings and looked the rest of us in the eyes and told us those courts would be built. 

As an all volunteer organization, moments like today make the hours of work worth it.  Some of us have been at this for a couple of years now, some are newer to the scene.  But we all have a shared vision of promoting and supporting pickleball in the Erie area.  To all former and current Board members: Bob Borgia, Tom Wisinski, Jim Perrotto, Renee Majchrzak, Sherry Elchynski, Andre Francis, Rick Seibel, and Rob Ricart- I appreciate you.  To EVERY EPPA member- ALL of the board members appreciate you.

Let's hit the many new courts in our area and grow this sport, and our EPPA organization, even more!
Ribbon Cutting 8.17.23