Calling all Players!

Elena Arnold posted 2 months ago
With our Memorial Shootout quickly approaching, we want to encourage players to sign up for competitive play.  If you've never done a shootout, this is a great starting point. If you're a seasoned tournament player, this is a nice opportunity to shine on the courts. Visit the link to register.

We strive to appeal to our whole membership and we need to adjust our original plan at times.  After much feedback, we have decided to alter our Women's Doubles Divisions.

Calling all Females

I play a lot of pickleball and I see our courts packed with females players.  With so many players getting into the sport and leveling up over the summer, we have adjusted our Women's Doubles Divisions. We will have a Womens 3.0 Division and a Womens 3.5 Division.  We are excited to draw in some new players to competitive play.  Not sure of your level?  Please self rate using this link. We apologize to the 4.0 and up female players, but if you still want to compete- please sign up for the mixed doubles bracket.  

On a personal note, this first competitive event that I ever played in was the Helen Pappas Shootout two years ago.  I walked into Westwood knowing 3 other pickleball players in Erie, one of them being female.  I left that day with at least 10 new friends.  That day truly changed my pickleball life.  If you are on the fence, sign up!  If you need help finding a partner, reach out.

To ALL Players

If you are on the cusp between levels, we encourage you to level UP!  It can be intimidating, but you will have fun and competitive games.  If you want to change divisions, you can adjust your registration or we can help you.