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This One is for the Birds

Elena Arnold posted 9 months ago

Calling all Bird Lovers 

At our "Learn to Play" pickleball event last week, EPPA member Sue B. generously offered to turn a donated pickleball paddle into something very cool- a bird house!  We jumped on the opportunity to see how this turned out.  Sue donated the birdhouse, pictured below, to EPPA and we will be selling raffle tickets this weekend at the Memorial Shootout.  Tickets will be $5 each or $10 for three tickets.

More details will be announced soon, but due to the forecast it is looking like our shootout will be held on the new courts at Around the Post Indoor Pickleball Center, attached to Westwood Racquet Club. You can stop by and check it out, cheer on your friends, and buy some chances to win this beautiful creation.

If you want to see more of Sue's work, please check out suebee_birdhouse_flipper on Instagram.  There are MANY creative designs made from upcycled items.  Sue is talented on and off the courts.  Thank you for your donation!
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