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Sign Your Way to Our Success

Andre Francis posted 7 months ago

Good Morning Gentle Townsfolk and Pickleball Enthusiasts!!

Now that I've got the formalities out of the way,  WE NEED YOUR HELP........

Most of us have been involved or aware of EPPA long enough to understand what a monumental year this was for pickleball in the Erie area.

At the start of this year we had a total of 4 outdoor courts: 
  • 2 (painted concrete) courts @ Baldwin Park
  • 2 courts @ Whitford Park

And in a single summer went all the way to 18 outdoor courts:
  • 2 (painted concrete) courts @ Baldwin Park
  • 2 courts @ Whitford Park
  • 6  NEW courts @ Baldwin Park
  • 6  NEW courts @ Zuck Park
  • 2  NEW courts @ Asbury Park

That's insane progress (350% to be exact) but it's completely because of the momentum that our community as a whole has generated. We must make sure that we do not stop here and keep pushing so listen up here is what I need......

What do you need Andre?? -You (probably)

Rally around and find the nearest sign-up sheet in support of a fantastic new project – outdoor lighted pickleball courts at Pleasant Ridge Park in Fairview. These sign-up sheets will be conveniently located at Around The Post and at COTC (Church of the Cross) till approximately the end of next week.

Our very own Mark Soukup and Craig MacKelvey (yes the same heros that blow off the Baldwin courts every summer morning and the same hecklers that get me pickled rather regularly), have spearheaded the efforts to get these courts built! So if you see them please give them your thanks and show your appreciation for all they do.

Your signature is more than just ink on paper; it's a powerful statement of demand and desire for these new, splendid courts! It's about lighting up our nights with the joy of pickleball and bringing more life and energy to our community as it continues to grow.

As always thanks for your support in this endeavor, it's an honor to get to work alongside such an amazing community.

Andre "Dre" Francis

P.S. - As usual, if you have any hate mail, suggestions, or even some juicy gossip about Mark and Craig, feel free to reach out to me. You can contact me at or call me at 814-720-9665.