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"Soup-er" Success

Elena Arnold posted 5 months ago
A HUGE thank you to all of the members who attended our third annual "Soup-er Bowl" Party.  We have an amazing events committee who showed up early and stayed late making sure that everything was tended to so our members could eat, play, and have FUN!

We also had many volunteers outside of the events committee who helped with whatever needed done.  To ALL of the the helpers who pitched in- we appreciate you.  

We got to utilize ten courts between Around the Post and Westwood Racquet Club, which is vital in making large pickleball parties a big success!  Since this event was social, we wanted players from different parts of the pickleball community to mix in and maybe meet some new friends.  We saw lots of smiles and paddle taps, so I think that goal was accomplished. 

As we sneak closer and closer to 500 members (only seven players away), it's incredible to see how much the organization has grown.  Thank you all for being part of it!
Soup-er Bowl.JPG 152 KB