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Park Additions and VERY Special Offer

Elena Arnold posted about 1 month ago

Zuck Park

The fencing project at Zuck Park is done (except for the yellow safety tubing which will be installed on top of the new fencing)!  This brings a BIG upgrade to Zuck Park.  A few EPPA members helped to facilitate a "Learn to Play" Clinic at Zuck on Tuesday night for Millcreek Township and there was not one cross court ball!  Kudos to Millcreek for listening to our feedback and for adding the additional fencing.

If you know someone who wants to learn pickleball, there will be two more 90 minute Learn to Play Clinics at Zuck Park on July 9 and August 13 from 6:00 pm-7:30 pm.  Players must register through Millcreek Township:
Zuck Learn to Play.JPG 167 KB

Baldwin Park

A 12 foot players bench was delivered to Baldwin Park this week!  Hopefully more benches will also be added to the park.  There are no other updates to share at the moment.  I know people are curious about the front courts getting done, parking, and what the plan is for the wall.  These questions have been asked and we are patiently waiting for a response. For now, let's enjoy and celebrate the beautiful courts as they are!

Special Offer

Kellar's Modern Magic and Comedy Club is offering FREE PASSES to this weekends comedy show! If you would like to attend Friday or Saturday's show both start at 7:30 pm. Call the club at (814) 461-0911 and  say "I'm a pickleball player" and you will receive FREE ADMISSION.  The show features Jackie Flynn- an actor and comedian with prominent standup appearances, as well as extensive film credits to his name.