Tournament- Day 2

Elena Arnold posted 17 days ago
Westwood Racquet Club was popping today with the sound of pickleballs.  WOW!  The turnout for our ENTIRE Helen Pappas tournament made our hearts swell.  We should all celebrate our growth and thank every person involved in making Erie Pickleball Players Association a force to be reckoned with.  We can't thank our out of town guests enough for your participation. 

Day 2 went long and hard and the results are in-

Women's Doubles (open skill level).  Intense games, some seemed never-ending (in a GREAT) way-
Gold medal: Marlene Sandberg and Katelyn Gregorin
Silver Medal: Michele Ognibene and Becky Cable
Bronze Medal: Ailene Paway and Janet Boetger
Womens Doubles

Mens Doubles- 4.0 +:

Gold Medal: Ethan Dysert and Matt Lang
Silver Medal: Mike Arnold and Derek Sieber
Bronze Medal: Jon Cable and Steve Bittinger
Mens 4.0 +

Mens Doubles- Below 4.0:

Gold Medal: Cam Morton and Thomas Narraway
Silver Medal: Donovan Sheldon and Dave Morganti
Bronze Medal: Cole Held and Kyle Woodside
Mens Doubles