Open Play- Saturdays at Westwood

Elena Arnold posted 16 days ago
Westwood open play starts THIS Saturday, September 17 from 9-11 am.  This is a fantastic opportunity to meet new people to play with (and to see old friends that you already play with).  There are TWO courts available on Saturdays, so to keep things moving, we are asking that you register for open play.  There are 16 slots available.  

How do you register?  
  • The easiest way is to download the Court Reserve app.  Westwood is highly encouraging members to go this route.  You can see available court times and register for open play right through the app! You can also view your bill and link a card to make your payments.  See the directions below on how to create your account (it's quick and easy).
  • Once you have your account: you find Saturday, Scroll to Court 7 (PB N and PB S), click on the event (Open Pickleball), and then click REGISTER.  You can also book in advance for the weeks ahead!  
  • OR- You can call Westwood at 814-838-3008 and ask them to put you in the Saturday Pickleball Open Play

Remember, open play is $5 for Westwood members and $8 for non members for two hours of play.  That's a great deal! 

Court Reserve