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Ratings and Other Reminders

Elena Arnold posted 5 days ago
EPPA wants to welcome all of the new members who have joined recently.  We are now over the 500 member mark- a goal that seemed so far away for a long time.  Thank you for being part of an organization that wants to grow pickleball for Erie and the surrounding areas.  We support you as a player in the following ways:

  • Education (clinics, demo days, rating days)
  • Competition (Shootouts/tournaments)
  • Socialization (at least four FREE events each year)

No matter your "why" for playing pickleball, we have something for every player!  Read on for some important updates/ reminders.

Special Offer

On July 12th and 13th Ryan Edwards who is a mentalist will be performing at KELLARS Magic and Comedy Club AT 7:30 PM both nights. FREE ADMISSION if you call to order tickets and say you are an EPPA member (this is a $25 per ticket value). Thanks to Kellar's for this EPPA exclusive offer!

Rating Night

Thanks to the 48 members who took part in EPPA's Ladder/Rating Night at Zuck Park last week!  A HUGE shout-out to Andre Francis for facilitating the event and offering feedback in a VERY timely manner. We also are very grateful to Millcreek Township for letting us take over Zuck Park for the night to hold this event.  They donated the courts, which was extremely generous!

If you participate in a rating event, we strongly encourage you to update your EPPA profile to reflect your new rating.  We will not be updating these for you (at least not at this time).  When you log in the site, you can actually search for other members with your same rating.  This can help with organized play or for finding a tournament partner.  Not every member wants to share their contact info, but many do!  While you are updating your rating, it is very helpful if you post your real name (not a username or nickname) AND a photo.  As our community grows, it is nice to connect faces with names.

Do you have a rating from another club or use DUPR (with at least 30 games recorded)?  Those ratings can be used to update your profile as well!

Detailed directions on how to update your profile and how to connect with others can be found here. Complete with step by step pictures. PLEASE use this feature!  It is one of your membership perks that most other clubs do not offer.  

What if you are in between levels?

At EPPA rating events, a range is given to a quarter point.  You may be between a 3.0-3.25, you may be 3.5-3.75, maybe 4.0-4.25.  This is specific feedback to help you know what you have to do to get to the next level.

On our site, we use the USAPA guidelines to the half point: 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, etc.  Please list the level closest to your rating!  If you are rated a 3.25-3.5, pick 3.5.  If you are rated 4.0-4.25, pick 4.0.  This helps to reduce gaps in playing levels. Once you become familiar with levels and more people share their ratings, you will see that a 3.0 playing a 4.0 is very different than a 3.75 playing a 4.0.  

Andre and I (Elena) and very well versed in ratings and how they are best utilized.  If you have questions about the specifics, please respond to this email or reach out to one of us.  We are happy to help!