"March Magic" ANY Team Shootout

Sun, Mar 12, 2023
Westwood Racquet Club (2660 Zuck Rd. Erie)

Players registered

Thank you to ALL of the participants who showed up and battled it out on the courts.  It's always a pleasure hosting a shootout for such dedicated players.  The results are IN:

3.0 Division


1st place: Erica DiLuzio and Greg Their
2nd place: Rick Skinner and Don Morris
3rd place: Randy Stowers and Paul Burleson
Semi-finalists: Lorie Pantizke and Thomas Mello

3.5 Division


1st place: Randy Rinke and John Intieri
2nd place: Rich Shatzer and Jim Cairns
3rd place: Sherry Elchynski and Silvia Hlincik
Semi-finalists: Baher Ghosheh and Brian Mullen

4.0 Division


1st place: Steve Bittinger and Phil Gernovich
2nd place: Tony Wozniak and Rob Ricart
3rd place: Cam Morton and Rob Johnson
Semi-finalists: Emily Sieber and Elena Arnold

4.5 Division


1st place: Ethan Dysert and John Paway
2nd place: Laura Boske and Oto Hlincik
3rd place: Stacy Moon and Evan Hetzel
Semi-finalists: Mike Hamberg and Jake Miller