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Senior Shootout with Youth Division

Sat, Feb 17, 2024
Presque Isle Pickleball 3515 McClelland Ave

Players registered

Senior Shootout with Youth/Mentor Divisions results are in.  After many hard fought points, the top three teams in each bracket were crowned.

Upper Age Division

First Place: Cam Morton and Rob Ricart
Second Place:
Tim Tracy and Phil Capozziello
Third Place:
Jim Bowen and Tom Mello
John Curtin and Jerome Dowling
Upper age division.JPG 155 KB

Lower Age Division

First Place: Dave Hewett and Tom Rinke
Second Place:
Mike Amsler and Mike Mellott
Third Place:
Brian Mullen and Mark Lenard
John Intrieri and Mark Lucas
Lower Age Division.jpg 132 KB

Youth/Mentor Division

First Place: Josh Pushcer and Juan Santiago
Second Place:
Rhys Horton Bowen and Jim Bowen
Third Place:
Max Peterson and Gary Peterson
Brian Vogel and Dakota Vogel
Youth-Mentor Division.jpg 133 KB