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Senior Shootout with Youth Division

Sat, Feb 17, 2024
Presque Isle Pickleball 3515 McClelland Ave

Players registered

Terms & Conditions

Register and pay online

  • If you cannot do this, please contact us and we will help you get inputted into the system. When registering, you MUST provide your full name, an email address, AND a PHONE NUMBER. It will be REQUIRED. You will not be able to sign up without listing a phone number in case we have to contact you other than by email.

    Players who register and then find out they need to cancel MUST either withdraw from the shootout or contact us AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Be responsible/proactive and don’t rely on us to be the ones to have to track you down.


  • Anyone signing up that exceeds the limits we place on number of participants will be placed into the waitlist. If someone drops out, then the next person or fully-registered team in line will take their spot.

    When you are placed on the waitlist you have no obligation to pay your registration fee. The players or teams that are placed on the waitlist and pay the registration fee increase their chance of being moved to the active registration list in case a team drops out or is removed by the tournament organizer because of not having fully paid their registration fee before the registration closed.


  • Any player or team has the ability to withdraw from a division and the shootout before the registration closes. If you have already paid, your shootout and/or division registration will be fully refunded. Please note that the service fee and payment processing is non-refundable.

    Any player or team that has to withdraw form a division and/or the shootout after the registration closes is not entitled to a refund.

    In case a division cannot be filled and has to be canceled, all players that have already paid will have the shootout and/or division registration fully refunded. Please note that the service fee and payment processing is non-refundable.


  • We reserve the right to combine divisions as needed depending on the number of registrants.